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Bea Hijab – Your Lifestyle Hijab

Bea Hijab Sdn Bhd (DC0005789-A) is one of the most renowned hijab brands in Malaysia. Established in 2018, Bea Hijab operates both virtually and through physical outlet. BEA HIJAB offers premium quality with unique detailing, specializing in beaded hijabs at affordable prices whilst upholding the Shariah Islamic code of hijab.

BEA HIJAB’s vision is to deliver high fashion ready-to-wear lifestyle hijabs to consumers at an affordable price.

Our in-house design team selects only the best fabrics from around the world to create fashion items which are second to none in production quality and combine international taste with local flair.

At BEA HIJAB, we do our best to merge Quality, Comfort and Style of all our collections. Your satisfaction and lifestyle remains our priority. We really appreciate your support and loyalty toward our brands. Wear it with Proud And Confident!

We at BEA HIJAB would like to convey our billions of thanks to all customers who gave a non-stop support for BEA HIJAB from the day we started our business until this present day. It beyond words of how grateful we are to still stand strong in this industry and without all of you, we would not be what we are today. Once again, Thank you!

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